Silicone Sex Doll City Established In 2013

The Original Doll Company

Highest Quality Full Japanese TPE Sex Dolls With stainless steel Skeletons...




Ruby 160cm Now $1950 New arrival

With Free Add-ons

Ruby is our 160cm (5.24ft feet height) BIG ASS,super model one of the finest sex dolls on the market.


Tara 156cm Now $1890 New arrival

With Free Add-ons

Tara is our 156cm (5.11ft height) she is super cute with one of the best teenager body’s you will ever see,


Helen 153cm Now $1790 New arrival

With Free Add-ons

Helen is our 153cm (5 feet height) beautiful sex doll with a perfect body and cute face.


Mary 156cm Now $1890 New arrival

With Free Add-ons

Mary is our 156cm (5.11ft feet height),so innocent looking but she is a naughty girl.


Marie 136cm Now $1590 New arrival

With Free Add-ons

Marie is our 136cm (4.48ft height) beautiful little sex machine


April 160cm Now $1950 New arrival

With Free Add-ons

April is our 160cm (5.24ft height) with a nice big ROUND BUTT ready to become your dirty slut..


Angel  100cm Now $990

With Free Add-ons

Angel is a 100cm (3.3ft height)  super realistic small doll.


Amy 165cm Now $1920 New arrival

With Free Add-ons

Amy is our 165cm (5.4ft height) beautiful European girl,she so sexy and waiting for you.


Judy 165cm Now $2190

With Free Add-ons

Judy 165cm (5.41 foot) has got the biggest breast’s of them all,super long nipple’s that are irresistible.


Khloe 140cm Now $1690 

With Free Add-ons

Khloe is our 140cm (4.59ft feet height) aerobics junky,she works out everyday, and and loves to have kinky showers.


Yuri 161cm Now $1890

With Free Add-ons

Yuri is our 161cm (5.2ft height) amazing is the only words to describe her,Japanese super realistic body thicker all over with huge D cup breasts and nice round ass she has the perfect combination.


Grace 153cm Now $1790

With Free Add-ons

Grace 153cm (5 feet height) Newest Girl to our store and the finish on Grace is incredible,she is a 3d doll which makes her super realistic.


Julia 140cm Now $1690

With Free Add-ons

Julia is a 140cm (4.59 feet height) sex machine,Julia has no eyes smooth and soft skin,with a pleasant facial expression that look so real when your on top of her.

Julia’s Video Link


China 135cm Now $1590

With Free Add-ons

China 135cm (4.43 feet height) is our cute Chinese doll, she is a little sex machine uni student that is looking for a full time lover,excellent for manoeuvring because of her compact size.

China’s Video Link


Angel 140cm now $1690

With Free Add-ons

Angel is our 140cm (4.53ft height) she is absolutely stunning,she has to be the most popular doll on the market.Angels cute face combined with with her 140cm body makes her the ultimate sex doll.


Arjana 168cm Now $2040

With free Add-ons

Arjana is a 168cm (5.51ft feet height) cat walk model that really now’s how to work the camera our new addition exclusive to silicone sex doll city.

Arjana’s Video Link


Mint 165cm Now $1920

With Free Add-ons

mint is a 165cm (5.4ft height) she is so realistic,beautiful pail skin super soft body with a figure to die for.New and exclusive to Silicone Sex Doll City.

Mint’s Video Link


Natasha 165cm Now $1920

With Free Add-ons

Natasha 165cm (5.4 feet height) she is our beautiful Russian super model,she is only available at Silicone Sex Doll City.

Natasha’s Video Link


Wang Li 161cm Now $1890

With Free Add-ons

Wang Li is a 161cm (5.21ft feet height) is from Shanghai,with the most realistic body you will find as a female replica of a woman, so flipping realistic words can not describe.


Katie 155cm Now $1990

With Free Add-ons

Katie 155cm (5.18 feet height) is so sexy,incredible realistic features and such a beautiful face.

Katie’s Video Link


Kim 156cm Now $1890

With Free Add-ons

Kim 156cm ( 5.11 feet height) is absolutely stunning,gorgeous breast’s with a nice juicy ass and a beautiful teenagers face.


Samantha 155cm Now $1990

With Free Add-ons

Samantha is our 155cm (5.1ft feet height) stripper that loves giving private shows,must see her naked and have her in our arms.


Jess 153cm Now $1790

With Free Add-ons

Jess is a 153cm (5 feet height) sweet innocent look,most natural looking girl we have with her natural breast size and her beautiful looks.

Jess’s Video Link


Casey 163cm Now $1890 

With Free Add-ons

Casey is a dream girl,she has everything a man could wont in a woman.Casey is nothing but class,but she also loves getting down and dirty her favourite position is getting down on all fours and that’s when you see her perfect ass ready for you to plug her dirty little ass hole,


Julia with small breasts 140cm Now $1690

With Free Add-ons

Julia 140cm (4.59ft height) Julia should be on a plate ready to eat,Beautiful teenage look alike body with natural size breast’s.she has got to be one of the most popular dolls on the market today she is perfect in every way.


Megan 158cm Now $2090

With Free Add-ons

Megan 158cm (5.18 feet height) Chubby girl lovers this is the girl for you,mind blowing body super realistic features with a BIG ASS.

Nicole’s Video Link


Paula 155cm Now $1990

With Free Add-ons

Paula is our 155cm (5ft height) and she is absolutely stunning,she replicates a real woman and she is one of the best 3D dolls you will ever see.


Renee 155cm Now $1990

With Free Add-ons

Renee is a 155cm (5.1ft height) Newest realistic sex doll on the market,this sex doll is so realistic,that she will make you race home to have that one on one with her everyday,she is better then the real thing.


Bella 156cm Now $1890

With Free Add-ons

Bella is taking over she is a beautiful 156cm super model.Perfect body and pretty face she makes the ultimate fuck buddy.


Tia 161cm Now $1890

With Free Add-ons

Tia 161cm (5.4ft height) is a show girl from Los Vegas, high class girl with all the tools to please any man.Tia has a smashing body,ass,tits and one of the most beautiful faces you will see.She will make your fantasy’s come true.(36kgs)


Nancy 156cm Now $1840

With Free Add-ons

Nancy is a 156cm ( 5.11 feet height) Japanese with beautiful model like looks,she is one of my favourites.she is so sexy,her reviews say it all.

Nancy’s Video Link


Chanel 163cm Now $1890

With Free Add-ons

Chanel 163cm (5.35 feet height) is nothing but class with her elegant and sophisticated looks she would make an ideal addition to any collection.

Chanel’s Video Link


Lisa 135cm Now $1590

With Free Add-ons

Lisa 135cm (4.43 feet height) is our most popular doll, an absolute slut,perfect size easier to move around  because of her weight, ideal doll for porn style movie positions.

Lisa’s Video Link


Kayla 158cm Now $1840

With Free Add-ons

Kayla is a 158cm (5.18 feet height) Australian girl.Kayla is so beautiful with a body that speaks for it’s self she is only available at silicone sex doll city.

Kayla’s Video Link


Pink 140cm Now $1690

With Free Add-ons

Pink is super sweet and ready to became your sex slave.Perfect body and pretty face she makes the ultimate fuck buddy.


Katie (small breasts) 155cm $1990

With Free Add-ons

Katie is so beautiful,tight athletic body soft smooth skin,and really tight little holes that will make you cum in a matter of minutes,trust me I know because I already have her in my personal collection,make her part of yours and purchase her today.


Yuki 153cm Now $1790

With Free Add-ons

Yuki  is a 153cm one of our newest girls,and she’s already flying out the door with popularity,she really looks and feels like a real woman,awesome fuck buddy.

Yuki’s Video Link


Nicole  155cm Now $1990

With Free Add-ons

Nicole 155cm (5.85 feet height) is nothing but huge double D breasts on this girl,words can not describe you must see are feel for yourself to understand her true mind blowing body.

Nicole’s Video Link


Jenny 158cm Now $1840

With Free Add-ons

Jenny 158cm (5.18 feet height) she has everything that a man looks for in a woman, body, looks,sex appeal.Jenny will do anything you wont,with no complaining or backchat.

Jenny’s Video Link


Isabel 158cm Now $1840

With Free Add-ons

Isabel is a 158cm (5.18 feet height) cute little face and her perfect hour glass shaped body she makes the ultimate companion,one of our favourites.

Isabel’s Video Link


Vanessa 155cm Now $1990

With Free Add-ons

Vanessa 155cm (5.18 feet height) she is a sexy cheerleader very flexible girl that can do any position with no complaining or arguing.

Vanessa’s Video Link


Vanessa 140cm with small breasts $1690

With Free Add-ons

Vanessa 140cm is the perfect example of a lifelike Sex Doll,super realistic with looks that will make you look twice to try and justify if she’s a real woman or not.


Gigi 161cm Now $1890

With Free Add-ons

Gigi is a 161cm (5.4ft height) Chinese sex machine,you need to look twice to realise that she is a doll, that’s how realistic she is.Gigi has got it all nice big jugs,awesome bubbly ass and the perfect filled out body.(36kgs)


Anita 161cm Now $1890

With Free Add-ons

Anita is our 161cm (5.2ft height) girl from London,incredibly real in every way with the perfect body for any man’s fantasy’s,perfect tits,perfect solid body at 36kgs.


Judy 165cm Now $2190

With Free Add-ons

Judy 165cm (5.41 foot) has got the biggest breast’s of them all,super long nipple’s that are irresistible.


Silicone Sex Doll City at the Sydney Sexpo

People cue to see and feel these lifelike sex dolls.

Watch peoples reactions when they touch these realistic sex dolls.

Sydney Sexpo 12-15 of may in Sydney Australia

People are amazed by far the most popular stand at the show.



Silicone Sex Dolls & Realistic Japanese Love Doll

We are Silicone Sex Dolls City, genuine and discreet high quality distributor of Sex Dolls. If you are looking for realistic silicone Asian or Japanese love dolls, then choose us as we have the best fantasy dolls on the market. Our girls are made from TPE and they are produced and customized to the highest possible standard, All our dolls are made with full stainless steel skeleton, and they look and feel super realistic.Silicone sex dolls city provides an excellent service and is determined to provide discreet worldwide free postage with secure and 100% anonymous transactions. For more information please use the contact us page or email us at Silicone Sex Doll City bodies are produced and made with the highest quality which ensures great durability.The body figures are made to look exactly like your fantasy sex model’s and are designed for great sensual pleasure allowing full penetration via the Anus and also the vagina and also orally.The skeletal frames are sturdy and made from stainless steel,faces and body’s look so realistic,and they make excellent for companions and simply irresistible.Silicone Sex Doll City proud to provide the most beautiful and realistic Sex Dolls on the market.


A special shout out to all our clients in the USA and Europe,your support that comes through week after week is phenomenal.




Silicone Sex Doll City would like to thank you

Silicone Sex Doll City Video


General Faq’s to know About Sex Dolls!

  • The Silicone Sex Doll City bodies are produced and made with the highest quality which ensures great durability. The body figures are made to look exactly like your fantasy sex model and are designed for great sensual pleasure allowing full penetration via the Anus,vagina and also orally.The skeletal frames are sturdy and made from stainless steel,faces and body’s look so realistic,make excellent for companions and simply irresistible. All our dolls have been photographed in our studio. Over the coming months we will be adding more dolls to the gallery collection and making adjustments to the website. We look forward in hearing from you.

  • The Silicone Sex Dolls come in a variety of sizes.All orders are packed in a plain thick cardboard box with just the delivery label attached. They are tightly wrapped securely with padding and also a thick blanket.outer box is wrapped in plastic to protect package from wet weather.Dolls sit very tightly in the box so they do not move around and get damaged. The head is detached on delivery and will come with accessories. Discreet shipping

    Customs and Duties; In some cases if the doll is imported from our production facility in China, a light customs fees may apply to some country’s.Please email us to find out

  • The silicone world can be cruel so don’t be fooled by some websites that have fancy looking dolls at very cheap prices because 60% of the time you will receive something that looks like a monkey that you fill with air,and some cases receive nothing at all,trust me its very frustrating.

    There are so many fake websites out there so don’t get scammed and become a victim of a fake doll sites and receive a cheap and nasty imitation dolls with fake reviews.Silicone Sex Doll City have put so much work into our dolls and show room that is the reason why we have to water mark our photo’s and video’s to stop these fake websites from stealing all our hard work and to keep this industry as safe as it can be from scammers.

    All our sex dolls are handcrafted from quality TPE with a stainless steal skeleton and hand-finished with precision hand-crafting in expert detail to suit the options you have selected for your doll.All the dolls that we sell are so incredibly realistic from head to toe’s Features such as eyebrows, nipples, lip and vagina colouring with hand painted eyelashes and finger and toe much goes into to crafting a high-quality sex doll its really amazing to watch.

  • After you have purchased a doll you will receive a confirmation email saying that we have received payment. The manufacturing process will proceed within 8 to 10 working days,within this period we will be updating you constantly. Once your silicone city love doll is finished we will send you your tracking number so you can follow her journey to you. Delivery will take about 7 days depending on where you are.

  • To clean the doll we recommend you use a clean damp towel, if the doll is really dirty from use you may use body soap to remove all residue and then dry with a towel, after this process baby powder should be applied with your hands to make the sticky silicone smooth again.
    Never submerge head under water, just wipe down with a damp cloth carefully especially around lips and eyebrows so they don’t discolour or get damaged.
    Always wash new clothing before dressing the doll as dye on some clothing can seep into the silicone and cause staining which may not come out.We provide a stain removing cream but its best if you can avoid dark colour clothing.
    Best not to stand dolls for long periods of time as there is a lot of strain on their feet,standing doll for long periods of time can also split the silicone on the soles of there feet.

  • These dolls are absolutely beautiful, the silicone will not lose its shape and will last for along time depending on how you treat it. Always sit dolls on soft surfaces when left for long periods of time. Never leave in direct sunlight for long periods of time,this will damage the silicone. All our dolls are made on order so you will not get tracking number until the doll is manufactured,so please bear with us.If there are any more Questions or facts you need to know just send us email to and we will give you feedback as soon as possible.

  • Silicone Sex Doll is Fully Verified and is a Secure Site. This is evident as the site is highlighted as started back in early 2013 so we are looking forward to serve you.



There are 2 types of vaginas,we have a solid vagina and an insert vagina.They both feel the same and look very similar.Customers always ask what is the easiest way to clean out a solid vagina? lots of warm soapy water,but the best way is to pull out before arriving.

The quickest and easy way is an insert vagina,please check out video link below.

How to insert at insert vagina VIDEO



Julia 140cm solid TPE silicone sex doll

Wow …..what a face, she is really stunning.having Julia in the same room is hard to get any work done.Her perfect super soft breasts and followed by her perfect body I really don’t have anything bad to say about her,the only thing i can say is that you wont be disappointed with her. choose her skin color, hair color and customize her to make her the fantasy that you have always had to be with you 24/7 at your convenience.She is the perfect companion always ready to fulfill your needs at a very respectable price…..we are the cheapest with free delivery world wide.


Yuki 153cm solid TPE sex doll

Yuki has a hole new perspective of young and beautiful.she has blown us away with her solid features and her looks.Yuki is a sex doll you must add to your collection with perfect hands and feet and her cute little face.Taking her photos was a pleasure we didn’t have to do much to make her look beautiful,she has natural beauty.Came see her for your self at our show room,and if you are not in Australia don’t worry,What you see in our photos and videos is exactly what you will receive in under three weeks manufactured and delivered to your door.


Sex Doll History

The sex doll also known as a silicone doll, love doll and now also called a fantasy doll is a sex toy in the size and shape of a realistic sexual partner in the aid of personal satisfaction or masturbation.

The dame de voyage in French is today’s sex dolls which originated in the 17th century. Dames de Voyage were designed as dolls for masturbation made from old clothing. They were used by French and Spanish sailors whilst at sea during long trips or voyages.

After WWII, silicone dolls were being produced by Germans, obviously for the same desires used by sailors. This was the start of things to come as many smaller companies began manufacturing the love dolls for commercial purposes.

These dolls at that time were solid made from vinyl, plastic or latex.

During the 90’s advances in technology, creativity led to the design of customizable love dolls which mimic real life people. This was the start of a new era in fantasy dolls, which included solid silicone dressing the sex love dolls in nurses outfits, office ladies, Japanese girls…..

The love dolls are now a massive industry worldwide with the majority of dolls replicating women for the sexual desires of men or even women. The Japanese dolls are strictly for adults only and should be kept away from minors.

We can see a bright future, new innovations will make these silicone adult dolls more life like creating the best possible experience and desire.


The Highest Quality Sex Dolls & Japanese Silicone Sex Doll Shipped Worldwide for Free!

Wide Range of Realistic Fantasy Love Dolls!





Excellent Service Guaranteed!

Our service is provided world wide with discreet postage included in the total price, we have a passion with what we do which ensures a high quality and durable product.

You will not be disappointed.
Sales team


Free Discreet Shipping World Wide with no extra hidden cost’s,our packages are discreet plain thick cardboard boxes covered with a plastic layer for wet weather conditions. Our reputable shippers are FEDEX/DHL for all our shipments,you will also receive a tracking number once your order is manufactured to the options you have chosen and ready to be shipped. Estimated manufacturing and shipping time will be just a little under three weeks to your door.


We Accept All Major Credit Cards even if you don’t have a PayPal account,The PayPal check out system we use has two checkout payment for PayPal account holders,and one for credit card users. Rest assure all details are kept hidden through a highly secure PayPal system. And all statements will come up as SSDcity so no one will know what you purchased.

Our Clients Say it Best

  • Mathieu :Purchased Jenny on May 21st 2015 and was delivered to my front door on June 8th. To my surprise, the material was much more soft than I thought. In terms of craftsmanship & fine detail, I would rank this product 10/10. However, the sheer weight of the product was much heavier than I anticipated, making the doll harder to carry around and position it. I would rate this vendor and my overall experience, including the final product a 9/10.


  • Ken:Took about a month for Angel to arrive. The box was like the previous review. The box had some accessories in them, such as general maintenance type things and what I guess is heating rod with a usb attachment? The only difference from what I had ordered was that Angel does have an anus. Very satisfied with my order. Thanks.–ken

  • Mark:When I found this site I was unsure if they were authentic & that I would receive what I paid for. I sent them an email & Steve got back to me within 1 day. I ended up risking it & purchasing Angel. It took a little under 1 month from purchase to receive Angel. (Apparently they were busy too) Anyways, I received Angel in an average box without any suspicious logos or anything on it. It does say plastic furnishing plastic mannequins on the shipping logo though, it is small print, so as long as somebody isn’t on to you you should be fine. There are a few videos that siliconesexdollcity has put out about whats in the box & its basically the same exact thing. If I had any questions I would send siliconesexdollcity an email & Steve would get back to me. I received Angel & shes exactly what the pictures show. Not only is a legitimate site, but their prices are under half of what you would normally pay, so you won’t be disappointed. Thanks Silicone Team           –mark

  • Johnny:Hi there, I had been considering buying a doll for about 12 months . I didn’t have a tonne of cash but was so fed up with all the BS that came with real women.
    After researching the market and asking nearly all the questions possible I decided to go with the new Nancy, and boy am i glad i did.
    I found Steve to be a real pleasure to deal with , he was very patient with all my questions before and after sale too.
    My doll was discreetly delivered to my door via DHL 10 days after i had made payment, Much sooner than i had thought she would be.
    My first impression was WOW she is so lifelike , far hotter than any real woman in my part of town. soft but firm to the touch realistic weight sooooo damn Sexy too , Happy days.
    It has now been 3 months since she has arrived and i am still extremely happy i bought her , yes worth every cent. I wanted to wait a while after purchase to write this so the initial excitement had passed.
    I am still sooooo happy i got her, She is still in great shape, No major issues , 2 tiny small tears which i caused but with Steve’s advice and assistance are all fixed. So still Happy days.
    I would strongly recommend a Nancy doll to anyone considering a lifelike doll at a very reasonable price.
    If you respect her and don’t be to rough she should last quite a while.
    Also be careful with clothing dye [ dark colors ] , as stains are extremely hard to remove.
    Overall, don’t hesitate, these are well worth it, You won’t find better for this price, Cheers again to Steve. –Johnny

  • –Jamie US

  • –Susan   US

  • I have had my Nancy doll for about 1 month now. I simply had to write a review, because I am amazed! From her head to her feet, this doll is absolutely beautiful. This is a work of art. She is so soft and smooth, I just cant even believe it. Nancy is not cheap in price and she is not cheaply made either. This is a big investment, but worth EVERY PENNY! If you are considering a “Lifelike” silicone doll – THIS IS THE PLACE!! My doll arrived in exactly 3 weeks to the day. I could not be happier with my purchase. I love my Nancy doll. Just a warning – she is very heavy, so if you have a bad back I highly recommend a smaller doll because you may have trouble moving her around. I am so delighted with Nancy I am seriously considering buying the smaller version Angel – to take with me on road trips as Nancy would be too heavy to take with me. – YOU ROCK!! Thank you so much for a great buying experience AND for introducing me to Nancy!!!–Brian