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How Sex Dolls Get Shipped?

The Silicone Sex Dolls come in a variety of sizes,all orders are packed in a plain thick cardboard boxes with just the delivery label attached,they are tightly wrapped and secured with padding and outer box is wrapped in plastic to protect it from wet weather conditions.Dolls sit very tightly in the box so they do not move around and get damaged,the head is detached on delivery which is very easy to attach by screwing the head on a threaded bolt which is supplied and only takes minutes to do.

silicone sex doll 

Silicone Sex Doll City Realistic Japanese Love Dolls

 silicone sex doll

We are Silicone Sex Dolls City, genuine and discreet high quality distributor of Sex Dolls. If you are looking for realistic Asian Japanese love doll we have the best fantasy dolls on the market. Our girls are made from TPE and they are produced and customized to the highest possible standard, All our dolls are made with full stainless steel skeleton, and they look and feel super realistic.Silicone sex dolls city provides an excellent service and is determined to provide discreet worldwide free postage with secure and 100% anonymous transactions.Our TPE Sex Dolls are produced and made with the highest quality which ensures great durability,there body figures are made to look and feel exactly a humans body and designed for great sensual pleasure allowing full penetration via the Anus and also the vagina and also orally.The skeletal frames are sturdy and made from stainless steel that stay in any position you place them in,faces and body’s look so realistic,and they make excellent for companions they are simply irresistible.Silicone Sex Doll City proud to provide the most beautiful and realistic Sex Dolls on the market.

We originally started in 2012 when we first saw these products online for the first time so we decided the go over sea’s to find and meet doll manufactures,they were also very new company’s at the time and we didn’t really know what to expect.From that time we have built a relationship’s and a trust as we have become partners with the biggest over sea’s TPE doll manufactures in the world to bring you the cheapest prices online.One of first things we done when we came back from our visit over sea’s was to open a showroom in Australia Surry Hills Sydney,which become a hit straight away the response was absolutely phenomenal.We welcome you to come and see our products and if you cant make it to our showroom don’t be alarmed as we deliver all over the world .We have a dedicated team which strides to perfection and absolutely love these products that we work with everyday.Our team is looking forward to assist you with any question or any queries that you might have and get you on your way to owning one of our beautiful products.

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