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    The dolls come in a variety of sizes,all orders are packed in a plain thick cardboard boxes with just the delivery label attached,they are tightly wrapped and secured with padding and outer box is wrapped in plastic to protect it from wet weather conditions. Dolls sit very tightly in the box so they do not move around and get damaged,the head is detached on delivery which is very easy to attach by screwing the head on a threaded bolt which is supplied and only takes minutes to do.


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    We are Silicone Sex Dolls City: your genuine and discreet high quality distributor of fully customizable TPE love dolls. You know that amazingly gorgeous girl you keep seeing at college? Yeah, she’s a doll. (Kidding!) Seriously though. How would you love to have sex with a gorgeous girl like her without the time commitment that goes into a relationship. That’s what we do, We make sex possible with gorgeous girls without the need to commit any time to a relationship.

    Your dream girl has a built-in steel skeleton, and her skin is made from high-quality TPE she can withstand anything you send her way. (Mind you, she’s still a delicate flower, so be gentle with her. :] ) When she’s sliding around on you. You’ll swear she’s the girl you’ve been lusting after for so long, yet didn’t have the time available to bring her into your life.

    Oh, and don’t worry about your shipment. We understand how important anonymity is to our customers, so we provide super discreet shipping, and it’s 100% free to have your sex doll shipped worldwide!

    Your doll’s body figure is made to look and feel exactly like a human’s body, and she’s designed for greater sensual pleasure. Find out how intriguing she can be.

    Her skeletal frame is designed stay in any position you place her in. Heck, she’ll even watch over your house day and night if you put her in the window. Buy her clothes just like any other girl, and make her a part of your family.

    History of Silicone Sex Doll City

    In 2012, silicone sex dolls were just starting to come on the market for the first time. To carve our signature into the new market, we sought to create business relationships with manufacturers, and thus we set sail for countries where these manufacturers were prevalent. That journey had far-reaching consequences the industry as a whole, as top dollar manufacturers signed contracts with us to distribute their products.

    Now don’t let that scare you. Silicone Sex Doll City buys in such large bulk from our manufacturers, that we’re able to pass the savings onto you.

    After our voyage overseas, we set up our first showroom in Surry Hills Sydney, right here in Australia. The response was absolutely phenomenal, as we brought this brand new market to people right here at home!

    We welcome you to come and see our products and if you can’t make it to our showroom don’t worry; We deliver all over the world. Our skilled team of professionals look forward to assisting you with any question that you might have, and to help you find your dream girl.

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