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    Cybernetic 3D dolls are coming to life

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    Cybernetic 3d sex dolls are coming to life

    In this day and age it is amazing to see how technology is advancing so rapidly,how every day people are enhancing and¬†creating by using there skill’s to make something came to life.Cybernetics is an art that will make you think to your self if what you just saw is real not.These artificial people are so realistic that once you take a glance,you cannot help to stare.Cybernetics has become a global art form and is advancing day by day,whether cybernetics is used for a companion,a lover,or a sculpture it is a very important movement in the cosmos today.

    Silicone Sex Doll City have been involved and have been creating and researching this art form for many years now,we have been sending these beautiful realistic master pieces around the world for 4 years now.We have seen these artificial humans evolve from the way they feel to the way they look, from something great, to something spectacular.We have also put them to the test in public by setting up a stand with 5 different dolls on display at the sex-po it was so amazing to see peoples reactions,out of 100 stands and different store owners,our store was blocking aisle from the people that where cueing up to feel and see these beautiful sex dolls up close.

    Cybernetic sex dolls are so important to hundreds of thousands of people,it is a 3d art form which is growing and advancing day by day

    Asian Yoshe 156cm Sex Doll
    Asian Yoshe 156cm Sex Doll

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    Silicone Sex Doll City specialist in full solid realistic sex dolls with metal skeletons.World Wide Sex Doll Distributors Established in 2013.
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