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    Forbidden sex is now possible! Now you can explore any fetish you choose.

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    Forbidden Sex

    Forbidden Sex Cynthia 170cm H-Cup Sex DollForbidden sex… it has that sensational ring to it, doesn’t it? Your girlfriend may not want to have the same kind of sex you crave. Perhaps she’s a tall girl, and you want to try having sex with a short girl. Maybe you like bigger women and your girl is thinner.

    Whatever your pleasure, you don’t have to throw away your relationship with your girlfriend just to explore something different. Heck, your girlfriend will even approve of you having sex with a doll. She’d otherwise run away if you said you want to have sex with some living girl, and neither of you want that.

    If you’re like me, the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of having sex with a doll is… desperation. However, when you realize the possibilities, your viewpoint changes and you realize you can have whatever kind of sex you choose. Plus you can do it with as many different women as you choose to do that with, all the while not sacrificing your relationship.

    Shop for Girls¬†because you can. Oh, and because¬†we love you, we know what’s best for you. : )

    Limp Girls… Can Be Fun!

    I know what you’re thinking! The reason you aren’t clicking that there link is because you don’t like limp women. : ) You know, the kind of girl you have to move into position, have sex, move her again, and have more sex. Most men have one fetish in common, and quite frankly so do women.

    What is it? taking full advantage. and part of that fun is the fact that she feels completely vulnerable as you have your way with her. So, part of the fun of having a girl who can’t move on her own is thinking of her as temporarily paralyzed while still consciously enjoying every moment you control her.

    A Story Of Forbidden Sex

    Forbidden Sex britney 168cm E-CUP

    Forbidden Sex Britney

    You enter your bedroom where you see a gorgeous naked girl sleeping in your bed. As you walk in and kiss her, she wakes up with a smile… longing for you. Everything just feels so right, and you look into each other’s eyes for a moment. You tell her that you’ll run her a nice warm bath, and you proceed to do so.

    In a few minutes, the bath is ready and you pick her up and carry her to the bathtub to place her inside. To make the moment just perfect, you offer her some iced tea, and proceed to mix it for her. Pausing for a moment, you realize you can add something to her drink to make her unable to move. She’ll still be conscious of everything you’re about to do to her. You know she’ll enjoy it, after all she’s completely submissive and open to any kind of sex you send her way.

    You bring her the tea, and she sips it delicately, and then feels weird. She looks at you with surprise, but in that same glare you see excitement. She sets down her glass, and her body goes limp.

    You now have complete control over her in every way.

    She can feel everything, and in fact, because she’s so limp, all of her senses are fully intensified. You pick her up, and press her against the wall, and you wrap her legs around your waist. You plunge deep inside of her and you swear you hear her panting as you push into her… was it just her breathing?

    After you’re finished with her, you drain the tub, and proper her up inside of it with her head tilted down towards her pussy. Your forbidden sex has caused her to take a huge load of your cum deep inside of her. Now she’s forced to watch it ooze out… powerless to do anything about it.

    Make this fantasy a reality right now!


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    Silicone Sex Doll City specialist in full solid realistic sex dolls with metal skeletons.World Wide Sex Doll Distributors Established in 2013.
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