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    Sex Doll And Her Dirty Fantasy’s

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    Sex Doll Dirty Fantasy’s

    I am a sex doll and a sucker for dirty sex sessions one of my favourite is a glory hole. It turns me on pleasing a man and challenging myself to take as much of it as I can down my throat.The enjoyment combined with not being able to tell who is on the other side other then by guessing the dick is a pretty incredible experience.I love the doggy position so i can get fucked rough and enjoy playing with my pussy at the same time.Its nice to get lost in the sex and let myself go.I love it when a guy knows how to take control and be a bit aggressive,like choking and spanking me.And I love thinking about all the people that will read this article.



    I love it rough with hair pulling and the occasional slap on my arse. And as for blow jobs,I enjoy it more then receiving.I’ve gone for was 25 minutes before I had to stop because of the big load that I choked on. A sex doll can do anything that a real lady can do.Customize me and make me the way you have imagined in your fantasy’s.Make me your personal fuck buddy and I will always be faithful only to you.I promise I will do anything you say and never complain to you baby.Make me your sex slave and ravage me every night,Make me the girl you came home to every night.Bend me over and annihilate my arse fill my holes with your cock and shower my with your cum.I really cant wait to see you babe.


    About the Author:

    Silicone Sex Doll City specialist in full solid realistic sex dolls with metal skeletons.World Wide Sex Doll Distributors Established in 2013.
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