SiliconeSexDollCity.com Disclaimer: The silicone sex dolls our company distributes are not toys for children and will not be sold to the minors. Please don’t put them in the places which the children can come into contact with. If there are any minors who get in touch with this product, the guardian should bear the responsibility. Meanwhile, please don’t use this product in public places. If any problems and disputes arise because of this, SiliconeSexDollCity.com shall not bear any responsibility. The sex dolls’ modeling of siliconesexdollcity.com are independently created and completed by our sculptors and all are original works which don’t involve any real portraits. In the meantime, the dolls siliconesexdollcity.com produces will not imitate or refer to any real persons for makeup. If there are circumstances under which our dolls resemble real persons, it will be just coincidence. After sold, our dolls shall not be used by customers for imitation or comparison with real persons. Siliconesexdollcity.com will not be responsible for any portrait right problems or disputes caused thereby.