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General Faq’s About Japanese Sex Dolls

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The Silicone Sex Doll City bodies are produced and made with the highest quality which ensures great durability of Japanese sex dolls. The body figures are made to look exactly like a real human body and are designed for great sensual pleasure allowing full penetration via the Anus,vagina and also orally.We originally started in 2012 when we first saw these products online for the first time so we decided the go over sea’s to find and meet doll manufactures,they were also very new company’s at the time and we didn’t know what to expect.From that time we have built a relationship and and a trust as we have become partners with the biggest over sea’s TPE doll manufactures in the world to bring you the cheapest prices online.One of first things we done when we came back from our visit over sea’s was to open a Japanese sex doll showroom in Surry Hills Sydney which become a hit straight away the response was absolutely phenomenal. We have a dedicated team which strides to perfection and absolutely love these products that we work with everyday.Our team is looking forward to assist you with any question or any queries that you might have and get you on your way to owning one of our beautiful products.


Japanese Sex Dolls come in a variety of sizes,all orders are packed in a plain thick cardboard box with just the delivery label attached,they are tightly wrapped and secured with padding and outer box is wrapped in plastic to protect  the package from wet weather conditions.Dolls sit very tightly in the box so they do not move around and get damaged,the head is detached on delivery and will come with accessories.Discreet Free shipping means all prices on our product pages include the shipping costs so you don’t pay for shipping.Customs fees that will apply to some country’s Australia,Canada,Please email for more information.[email protected] or [email protected]


The silicone world can be cruel so don’t be fooled by some websites that have fancy looking dolls at very cheap prices because 60% of the time you will receive something that looks like a monkey that you fill with air and some cases receive nothing at all,trust me its very frustrating.There are so many fake websites out there so don’t get scammed and become a victim of a fake doll sites and receive a cheap and nasty imitation dolls with fake reviews.All our reviews come from a review company called Yotpo which means when someone submits a review to our website it will not come to us at all it stays on the Yotpo platform which means that review cannot be manipulated or changed in any way so yes all our reviews are genuine.

Silicone Sex Doll City have put so much work into our dolls and show room that is the reason why we have to water mark our photo’s and video’s to stop these fake websites from stealing all our hard work and to keep this industry as safe as it can be from scammers.All our Japanese sex dolls are handcrafted from highest quality TPE, equipped with a stainless steal skeleton with a body and face that is hand-crafted with detail to suit the options you have selected for your purchase.All the dolls that we sell are so incredibly realistic from head to toe with features such as eyebrows, nipples, lip and vagina colouring with hand painted eyelashes attached with finger and toe nails.So much work goes into to crafting a high-quality sex doll it really is amazing to watch.

Our Site Is Fully Verified and Secure!

Silicone Sex Doll City.com is Fully Verified and is a Secure Site. This is evident as the site is highlighted as https://siliconsexdollcity.com.We started back in early 2013 so we are looking forward to serve you,We are a ASIC registered business and we have been in doll industry for many years so we stand by your products.



To clean a Japanese sex doll we recommend you use a clean damp towel, when your doll is really dirty from use you may use body soap to remove all residue and then dry with a towel, after this process baby powder should be applied with your hands to make the sticky TPE smooth again.Never submerge head under water, just wipe down with a damp cloth carefully especially around lips and eyebrows so they don’t discolour or get damaged.Always wash new clothing before dressing the doll as dye on some clothing can seep into the Tpe and cause staining which may not come out.We provide a stain removing cream but its best if you can avoid dark colour clothing.

Best to stand dolls only if you have picked the stand up option (Recommended) free option through check out,If you don’t pick the stand up option you will not be able to stand your doll as it will split the TPE skin on the soles of the dolls feet.The TPE will not lose its shape unless you have her sitting on a hard surface for a long period of time.Always place dolls on soft surfaces when left for long periods of time,we use air beds in our showroom to prevent  flat spots on there butt cheeks. Never leave in direct sunlight for long periods of time, TPE is Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is a mixture of polyvinyl chloride and silicone. This soft elastomer material mimics the experience of human skin.It’s soft and stretchy, with a velvety texture that is caused by the talc’s used to prevent the material sticking to the mold. If your Sex Doll’s skin ever becomes unpleasantly tacky or sticky, just give it a light dusting of baby powder or as same people prefer corn starch as it is less abrasive on your skin and dolls tpe layer,these two products will restore doll’s original texture.TPE is waterproof,and is hypoallergenic and phthalate free. TPE is also porous and can easily harbor bacteria. TPE cannot be effectively sterilized, so sharing of your sex doll without a condom is not safe.The skeletal frames are sturdy and made from stainless steel,faces and body’s look so realistic,and they make excellent for companions.

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After you have purchased a doll you will receive a confirmation email saying that we have received payment. The manufacturing process will proceed and takes a period of 2 to 3 weeks,within this period we will be updating you constantly. Once your silicone city Japanese sex doll is finished we will send you your tracking number so you can follow her journey to you.Discreet delivery will take about 7 days depending on where you are and keep in mind that we deliver any where in the world and you don’t pay any extra for delivery as its included in the price of the product that you have purchased.


  • We DO NOT SHIP to Islamic countries, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa, Mexico, or Norway.

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