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140cm Sex Doll D-Cup Stevie

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140cm Sex Doll D-Cup Stevie

From: $2,000.00 $1,650.00

Brand: WM Doll

Stevie is our 140cm sex doll (4.59 feet height) would have to be one of the most beautiful doll. she is the most popular doll on the market today. Stevie is absolutely stunning with an incredible body that has beautiful realistic 3d sexual canals. Breasts are perfect and an ass that’s nice and round.This 140cm sex doll is a little lighter then a full size doll which makes her easier to move around, This doll also has a full Stainless steel skeleton so you put her in any position she will stay in the position that you placed her in. She is a twenty year old dream girl and the finish on this model is absolutely superb. Stevie doll 140cm is favorite in the world today the ultimate sex partner or companion.

Stevie’s head is #56


Included with your sex doll:  Semi-Permanent Make-up, wig, hair brush,  vaginal irrigator, Handling gloves, Blanket, random outfit. FREE OPTIONS, including free stand up feature and pubic hair Valued $140 Free.
Free lingerie
Free Doll Hanger.

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SKU: Angel 140cm Sex Doll D-Cup 4 weeks manufacturing and delivery time.-1