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    • 16123Arjana 168cm A-Cup TPE Sex Doll Free Discreet World Wide Shipping

    Arjana 168cm A-Cup TPE Sex Doll Free Discreet World Wide Shipping

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    Arjana 168cm A-Cup TPE Sex Doll Free Discreet World Wide Shipping

    From: $2,390.00 $1,770.00

    Brand: WM Doll

    Arjana168cm (5.51 foot) we recently attended a modelling shoot and saw this beautiful girl wearing next to nothing walking down the cat walk.After the show we a approached her and asked her if she wanted to earn a pay packet to take off her clothes and show the world her tight perfectly toned body.She accepted and said yes with a cheeky smile.Photographing Arjana was very hard as my cock was constantly throbbing,perfect defined body and toned,she was so confident that she new how to work the camera.Please check out her video that we made of her,she is one of our favourites.Features include moving limbs [full Stainless steel skeleton] that makes her stay in any position you desire.Skin that is super soft,hands and feet are manicured with nail polish,she has long legs with a perfect ass and her pussy has gorgeous big flaps,hands make a fist and can hold light objects and she is very nicely priced.Customize her,change her skin colour,eye colour,hair,and her pussy cat.

    • Included with your sex doll:  wig, hair brush, stain removing cream, nail glue, lip stick, vaginal irrigator,handling gloves, Blanket, random outfit.
    • All options are free, including stand up feature and pubic hair, combined Value $140,Free
    • Plus Free lingerie and dress.
    • Shemale Attachment Option at the bottom of page.


    Sex Doll – Arjana video

    Arjana Video Was Made In the Silicone Sex Doll City Showroom


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    SKU: Arjana 168cm A-Cup Sex Doll 3 weeks manufacturing and delivery time.


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