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China-135cm Sex Doll $1590.00usd Free World Wide Shipping

$2,690.00 $1,590.00

China 135cm sex doll with full metal skeleton free shipping world wide


Product Description

Sex Doll-China 135cm

China-Beautiful chinese sex doll her finish is superb.

  • Oral Sex
  • Vaginal Sex
  • Anal Sex

China 135cm

  • Oral: 5.1in (13cm) deep, Vaginal: 6.6in (17cm) deep, Anal: 6.6in (17cm) deep
  • Height:4ft 5in (135cm) high
  • Weight: 55lbs (25kg)
  • Bust: 30in (76cm)
  • Waist: 22in (56cm)
  • Hips: 30.3in (77cm)
  • Foot: 7.6in (19.5cm)
  • Women’s size 3 or youth size 1 1/2
  • Stainless steel Skeleton
  • All Extra add-ons Are Free,stand up doll,and pubic hair

China 135cm (4.43 feet height) is our cute Chinese girl, she is a little sex machine uni student that is looking for a full time lover. Beautiful face and a perfect little body with a full stainless steel skeleton that stays in the position you put her in,China is the perfect size and not to heavy so you can move her around with ease.
Smooth super soft skin that make her breasts wobble with every slap or movement.Manicured nails on feet and hands that are flexible for movement that can hold light objects.
Customize China with removable or fixed vagina,eyes,hair,and skin colour of your choice. She’s incredible you wont be disappointed she is the ultimate little slut.
China comes with a wig,cleaning tool,dress,hair brush, stain removing cream.

Under 3 weeks manufacturing and delivery time delivered to your door.

Free World Discreet Shipping with no extra hidden cost guaranteed.


Free Discreet Shipping World Wide with no extra hidden cost’s,our packages are discreet plain thick cardboard boxes covered with a plastic layer for wet weather conditions. Our reputable shippers are FEDEX/DHL for all our shipments,you will also receive a tracking number once your order is manufactured to the options you have chosen and ready to be shipped. Estimated manufacturing and shipping time  3 to 4 weeks delivered to your door.


We Accept All Major Credit Cards even if you don’t have a PayPal account,The PayPal check out system we use has two checkout payment for PayPal account holders,and one for credit card users. Rest assure all details are kept hidden through a highly secure PayPal system. And all statements will come up as SSDcity so no one will know what you purchased.


China is the ultimate fuck buddy;)

Picture’s and video that we have made of China are exactly what you will receive,Guaranteed.




Additional Information

Choose Eye Colour

Blue, Brown, Green, Dark Green

Choose Skin Colour

White, Natural, tanned, black

Choose Wig Type

Wig 1, Wig 2, Wig 3, Wig 4, Wig 5, Wig 6, Wig 7, Wig 8, Wig 9, wig 10, wig 11, wig 12, wig 13, Wig 14, Wig 15, Wig 16

Choose Vagina Type

Built-in, Removable Insert

Choose Pubic Hair

Untrimmed Strip, Bermuda triangle, Birkini muff, chaplin, No Pubic Hair, Full Bush

Standing or non-Standing

None-Standing, Standing

Choose Areola colour

light pink, pink, Dark Pink, Light Brown, Chocolate, Dark Chocolate

Choose Areola Sizes

3cm Areola, 4cm Areola, 5cm Areola’s

Choose Head

Amy, Angel 140cm, Anita, April, Arjana, Bella, Candy, Cassey, Chanel, China, Crystal, Diamond, Eva, Gigi, Grace, Helen, Isabel, Ivy, Jenny, Jess, Judy, Julia, Katelyn, Katie, Kayla, Khloe, Kim, Kylie, Lauren, Leah, Lisa, Marie, Mary, Megan, Michelle, Mint, Nancy, Natasha, Nicole, Paula, Pink, Renee, Roxy, ruby, Samantha, Stella, Summer, Tara, Tia, Vanessa, Wang Li, Yuki, Yuri


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