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Delfi 160cm D-Cup TPE Sex Doll Free World Wide Shipping

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Delfi 160cm D-Cup TPE Sex Doll Free World Wide Shipping

From: $2,250.00 $1,900.00

Brand: WM Doll

Delfi 160cm (5.24 feet height) has a remarkable body with beautiful realistic features from head to toe.Delfi’s breasts and and ass are in perfect proportion to her body,make your fantasy’s go wild and add her to any scenario that comes to your mind, Delfi has solid TPE body witch weights 39ks (85lbs) nice breasts with filled out legs and arms she is the closest doll to a real woman it is amazing how real she looks and feels.Features include moving limbs [full Stainless steel skeleton] so you can put her in any position and she will stay in that position you out her in.Her skin is super soft hands and feet are manicured with nail polish with thicker legs and ass,hands make a fist and can hold light objects and she is very nicely priced.Delfi is waiting for you now, buy her now and make this ultimate TPE sex doll yours today.Customize her,change her skin color,eye color,hair,and her pussy. Areola’s and make her look the same way you have scene her in your fantasy’s.

Included with your sex doll:  Semi-Permanent Make-up, wig, hair brush, vaginal irrigator,Handling gloves, Blanket, random outfit. FREE OPTIONS including free stand up feature and pubic hair Valued $140 Free.
Free lingerie
Free Doll Hanger Hook 

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SKU: Delfi 160cm D-Cup 4 weeks manufacturing and delivery time.