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Iris 148cm TPE Sex Doll L-Cup World Wide Shipping

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Iris 148cm TPE Sex Doll L-Cup World Wide Shipping

From: $2,150.00 $1,800.00

Brand: Wm Doll

Iris 148cm (4 ft10 height) with a full metal stainless steel skeleton that makes her stay in the position you put her in.she also has the perfect lifelike 3d sexual canal’s.Iris weights 29kgs and is not as heavy as the full sized doll that usually weigh 40kgs plus. Her skin feels so real and soft made from high quality TPE. Amazing realistic huge L-Cup breast’s and a nice rounded butt and has the perfect realistic shaped torso that flows with the rest of her body. Hands and feet are manicured,hands that can make a fist and hold light objects, Choose from a removable vagina for easy clean ups, or solid fixed vagina, your choice! Stand up feature is a free option,and pubic hair option is also free. Customize her and make her the girl of your dreams.

Iris head is #108

Included with your sex doll: Semi-Permanent Make-up, wig, hair brush, vaginal irrigator, Handling gloves, Blanket, random outfit. All options are free, including free stand up feature and pubic hair Valued $140 Free.
Free lingerie
Free Doll Hanger.

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SKU: Iris 148cm Tpe Sex Doll L-Cup 4 weeks manufacturing and delivery time.