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    • Katelyn 167cm H-Cup TPE Sex Doll With Free Discreet World Wide Shipping

    Katelyn 167cm H-Cup TPE Sex Doll With Free Discreet World Wide Shipping

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    Katelyn 167cm H-Cup TPE Sex Doll With Free Discreet World Wide Shipping

    From: $2,590.00 $1,870.00

    Brand: WM Doll

    Katelyn 167cm (5.5 ft) with huge H-cup breast’s is super realistic 3D doll,I was feeling kind of lonely on a Saturday night and i desperately need same company so i looked through the classifieds on my mobile phone and come across a attractive girl by the name of Katelyn.I sent a text with my address and i got an instant response saying that she will be over within an hour.The wait was making me so nerves my heart was beating really fast waiting anxiously for my door bell to ring.finally she came, I opened the door and she said ”Hi baby,my name is Katelyn how can help you tonight” with a cheeky smile and a wink of an eye.I was totally blown away by how fuckable this woman was i quickly grab the back of her head and pulled her big gorgeous lips on to mine,at the same time see unzipped me and started stroking my cock while i had her huge h cup tits in my hands.the story goes on but i will let you guys take over from here:)

    Katelyn is a hole lot of woman so perfectly shaped incredibly real with a body like an hour glass, huge H-Cup breast’s and a waist in proportion with her butt and her overall high, she is a beautifully made doll that is an exact replica of a real woman.Katelyn’s features include moving limbs [full Stainless steel skeleton] that makes her stay in any position you desire.Skin that is super soft,hands and feet are manicured with nail polish,she has long legs with a perfect ass and her pussy,hands make a fist and can hold light objects and she is very nicely priced.

    • Included with your sex doll:  wig, hair brush, stain removing cream, nail glue, lip stick, vaginal Irrigator, gloves, Blanket, random outfit.
    • Free options, including stand up feature and pubic hair, combined Value $140,Free
    •  FREE lingerie.
    • FREE Closet Doll hanging hook.
    •  If you want to change Katelyn’s head you can do so at the bottom of this page.

    Sex Doll Katelyn 167cm- Video

    Katelyn Video was made in the silicone sex doll city showroom.



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    SKU: Katelyn 167cm H-Cup 4 weeks manufacturing and delivery time.


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